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Life @ CRUX

We balance both the personal life and the professional life of each employee, we ensure the employees get the best from us as we get the same. The personal life of each employees mean a lot to us, we are certain that having a peaceful personal life will benefit more to CRUX. We organize weekly meetings, we celebrate birthday party to keep the employees happy, we share a personal bonding with each employee and their families. CRUX regularly organize tour with all its employees to build a good team spirit and break from routine work, this has ensured a very good bonding between CRUX and each employees.


"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves" - Lane Kirkl

Rewards are meant for each person contributing anything to the growth of CRUX, CRUX proudly proclaims that we are the only company which appraises employees every quarter. CRUX reward program are purely on merit and achievements, we value even small contribution to the growth of CRUX, after all we believe CRUX grows automatically if its employees grows.


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