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Resources of skilled persons are the backbone of development for any industry, highly skilled resource pool would always make the development persistently, the company need not worry or depend on any particular individual that no time no instant the system gets stagnated in workflow.

In CRUX we have highly skilled resources of various degrees varying from Sr.Project manager to a software engineer that we could make the alternative in no time. This would provide healthy environment to the industries without any major effects.

We undertake the skill based ownership at particular point and so we provide backups at any point of time round the year and more to come.

Executive search is usually the most appropriate means of filling positions for top level or highly specialized vacancies such as senior technical process sales because the pool of suitable talent may be small. CRUX will identify potential candidates and contact them directly. This is often the best method of alerting highly successful executives who may not be reading job advertisements. CRUX services are highly recommended when:

  • Ideal candidates are unlikely to consider themselves “on the market”
  • Individuals with the desired qualities are usually not easily found by a prospective client
  • Advertising may not locate acceptable candidates and is an additional unbudgeted and unneeded waste of time and money
  • Minimal HR and management time involvement required. Executive search cuts the time spent on interviewing undesirable candidates
  • Job complexity is too great for advertisement
  • Talent is identified in a competitor’s management team, but direct approach is inappropriate
  • Extreme confidentiality is a major concern in the case of a new position which may effect an organization structure or someone in the organization
  • CRUX is maintaining a huge knowledge base on all skills which will help them in sourcing the best.




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