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Outsourcing grants businesses the freedom to dump non – core, yet important sectors of its administration on companies specializing in those very individual aspects. Thus, leaving the business free to wholly concentrate on those areas of the company that bring in the real moolah.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: There is no doubt about this advantage of outsourcing to CRUX. Outsourcing your IT requirements save you as much as 30% of company's expenditure and that says for itself. One can always resort to Offshore Software Development to implement huge projects which may not be affordable to a company in the western world. Offshoring not only takes care of the development costs but also slashes hiring costs, training costs and cost of infrastructure to a great extent.
  • Qualitative Services: Service providers provide qualitative services not at high cost but competitive rates. We are known for our service and this attribute clubbed with qualitative manpower makes us an ideal outsourcing destination.
  • Skilled Manpower: CRUX has a large pool of technically skilled and English proficient population, thus making it favourable for making it an outsourcing partner.
  • Focus: Outsourcing enables a company to focus on its core competencies while it offloads its non-core activities to other service providers.
  • Expertise in IT Outsourcing: Expertise comes only at that time when customer deals with highly skilled and capable service provider. Everybody wants to become an expert service provider. This business playing progressively major role to become an expert businessman.

Knowledge Outsource

Knowledge management can be implemented within an organization to serve a general purpose (such as corporate e-mail does) or it can be implemented to solve a specific problem. Both mandates may result in the same end-product - a corporate knowledge sharing system - being implemented, but its acceptance within the user community may be very different.

Knowledge sharing goes much deeper than technology and must be built on top of a solid foundation of internal cooperation. The use of technology should be viewed as the highest point in any knowledge sharing initiative. Before we can reach that point we need to ensure everything leading up to it is in place. CRUX knowledge management helps organizations to share knowledge on technologies without any coercions, rivalries, wasting time etc. we would organization achieve their goal in time.

Manpower Outsource

CRUX resource pool has a lot of depth and breadth of our industry, knowledge and experience has given us the edge to stand from anyone. We have built a huge Database of experienced Candidates & Quality Clients from recommendations & Word of mouth.  We use this as our focus for the quality of service we deliver. We specialise in the Telecoms, IT, ITES and Engineering sectors but we can and have supplied in many other areas such as Purchasing, Finance, Support and Administration. CRUX would like to give the resource pool on specific work for a particular time. CRUX can undertake outsourced job of flexible period time, also on specific projects, where CRUX can supply to achieve the target as preplanned without any hitch.

Flexible Outsource

The customer will experience greater service and satisfaction by knowing that costs and access to resources will closely match needs and business dynamics. CRUX, by working closely with the customer to understand and anticipate future requirements, will be able to better utilize its own pool of resources without restriction to competency center or geographical proximity. CRUX brings a carefully defined set of disciplines to ensure that needs and expectations are clearly and rapidly communicated. This in itself is a significant benefit in the development of a mature customer-vendor relationship. Service Level Agreements will serve as the baseline level of support for committed resources with allocations from the vendor’s pool serving to support the inevitable flux in demand. This combination of expert technical support and utility like structure with reasonable guidelines will allow you to manage your IT environment with maximum predictability and service commitments to your business community. 

CRUX will take initiative to make their best of the employees to work extra on their leisure, the employees will work on their own virtually from anywhere. CRUX will take care of the time frame and make sure the best of the results can be achieved at the stipulated time. Mutually both client and the employees will be benefited from this model, the quality of the work can be assessed by CRUX.


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