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Industries consulting to transform a company, increase business velocity, and capitalize on market opportunities require a singular strategic focus that can:

  • Drive sustained revenue growth and improve customer responsiveness and relationship management.
  • Significantly decrease costs by streamlining procurement and materials sourcing, reducing inventory carrying costs, and eliminating redundant operations and processes.
  • Substantially improve demand management, forecasting, and synchronization across sales and operations planning, and manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Maximize collaborative opportunities with external suppliers and business partners.
  • Capitalize on improved cost structures offered by the promise of technology and business process outsourcing

Process Consulting

Process improvement is a way to business excellence. Process quality can be determined by Process-specific metrics and Process Maturity. A good process framework helps improve business performance through increased productivity and reduced cycle times and helps deliver high quality products.

CRUX Process Consulting Practice offers customers a complete range of process improvement related solutions that covers the best of process/quality models and applied proven methodology and practices. We concentrate on Process diagnostic, prioritize factors, defining key factors, improvements in process, capability measurements, benefit translation, implementing quality . we will emphasize on factors like Return on investment, Revenue, Risk assessment, Resources control, Right approach and Results, to deliver the best.




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